Preventive Maintenance

Once considered an expense, preventive maintenance is now being recognized as a cost-efficient means to reduce costly repairs, keep equipment in good running condition and extend the life of equipment by as much as 40%. Just as you would perform regular maintenance on your automobile, most equipment manufacturers now recommend regular preventive maintenance for fitness equipment as well. Some of the benefits of preventive maintenance include:

The Fitness Mechanic is pleased to offer quality preventive maintenance services for your fitness equipment. As seasoned industry professionals with more than 50 years of collective experience installing, inspecting, diagnosing and repairing nearly every conceivable make and model of fitness equipment in use today, we know YOUR equipment. Be it a treadmill or elliptical, 1 piece or 30, annual or tri-annual services – trust the professionals at The Fitness Mechanic to inspect and maintain your equipment to keep you up and running!

After more than 22 years I’ve learned a great deal about how to keep equipment running smooth and I believe so deeply in the benefits of preventive maintenance that every repair we perform is complimented by a complete inspection and tune-up. Our processes have been developed and fine-tuned for more than a decade and capture industry best-practices to optimize maintenance programs for your specific fitness equipment. Please click on a link below to find more information on preventive maintenance programs for your specific fitness equipment:

There are a number of factors that determine an optimal maintenance schedule for your particular brand and type of fitness equipment, including: the age of the equipment, existing wear and tear, prior damage, duration/frequency of use and type of use. Other factors, not directly related to the equipment itself, include the number of users, physical attributes of users and the physical environment where the equipment is used. Whatever your fitness equipment needs, one of our professional Service Technicians can recommend a preventive maintenance schedule that’s right for you.

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